Dr. Nancy Bloom - Trainer, Instructor, and Sport Psychologist

Dr. Nancy Bloom has been a trainer and competitor for over 35 years. She has earned numerous graduate degrees in the fields of education and psychology, the combination of which inspires her work at Best Chance Farm. Dr. Bloom believes in a positive approach to teaching and training, and helps her riders and horses to build on their strengths as they learn and grow. Dr. Bloom also focuses on meeting horses and riders where they are at, developing an individually tailored program for each. Dr. Bloom has been mentored by top trainers such as George Morris, Frank Chapot, Frank Madden, Carol Thompson and Louise Serio. She has successfully competed in both the jumper and hunter rings, and has brought many a green horse and rider through the ranks.

Dr. Bloom currently spends her time working as a trainer at Best Chance Farm in central New Jersey, seeing clients in her private (sport and other) psychotherapy practice, and facilitating sport psychology, teaching and riding clinics.